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What Is A Virtual Tech?

Quite simply, a paradign shift in computer repair.  Instead of relying on a human Tech 100% of the time, you will rely on automation 97% of the time (Virtual Tech), and a human tech a mere 3% of the time. A huge cost saving over the manual labor a Human Tech provides, the suprised downtimes, the slower PCs each month and the constant irritations caused by unresolved issues.

How Does A Virtual Tech Work?

We install a small app on your PC.  After the install, the app contacts its "Virtual Garage" and downloads and impliments the appropriate monitors for your PC.  The Virtual Tech has 7,935 monitors to choose from - typiclly implimenting 300-700 monitors per PC.  The monitors are analyzed either every 15 minutes, hourly, every 4 hours, or daily - taking a split second to analyze.  If an issue is discovered, the Virtual Tech automtically contacts the Virtual Garage and selectes the apporpiate repair app to run, from more than 3,000 available.  Generally, the issue is resolved before the PC user realizes an issue is developing.  This PRO-ACTIVE support by the Virtual Tech works 97% of the time. Only 3% of the time will a RE-ACTIVE (Human Tech) be required to reslove the issue.

When Is  a Human Tech Required?

Only 3% of the time.  For example, the monitoring shows the hard drive has a bad block, and this is the 4th time in 6 weeks.   We will contact you recommending a hard drive replacement.  You either hire us to replace the hard drive or your IT Person. We recommend you hire your IT person. We will email all info we have gathered on the hard drive to your IT Person, and our recommendation to replace the hard drive.  Thus a SCHEDULED down time is initiated.  Way less cost than a surprise down time.  We work with ALL LewisClark Valley Computer Shops, most Moscow/Pullman shops, and a dozen shops across the U.S.

Will The Virtual Tech Slow Down My PC?

NO.  In fact, you will experience the opposite.  You will see and feel a performance increase, plus the performance increase will not degrade like it does when a Human Tech does it 1 time tmaintenance or tune-up.  And as an added bonus - the PC will last longer. Just like an automobile will last longer with consistent maintenance and repair.