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 #1 Business Only Cloud Backup Service In The Pacific Northwest


MANAGED File / Folder Cloud Backup

Siler Package - Our #1 Service

All Our Clients Use This Service

Our File/Folder Business Class Cloud Backup service is designed to backup selected data, such as My Docs, Desktop, SQL, and Exchange.  Any data location - any type of data.  But no programs.  Unlike economy backup providers that constantly delete your backed up  data, based on thier rules, we never ever delete your data.  That means at restore time,  there are no surprises.

MANAGED Disaster Recovery Service

Gold Package

Designed For Servers At Small To Medium Businesses 

This service will create a daily image (clone) of your server's hard drive - programs and all.


When your server crashes or gets infected with ransomware, the image (hard drive clone) is transfered to a formated hard drive. If the actual server does not need replaced, you should be up and running in  2-6 hours depending on your netowrk setup and your IT person.  However, if the server does need replaced it will be a few days before you are up and running, because your IT Person will need to  order a new server.

MANAGED Disaster Recovery Service

Platinum Package

Up And Running After A Crash In 70 Seconds

This service, like the Gold Package Service, will create an image (clone) of your hard drive - every few minutes. However, instead of hours or days for recovery, it is a mere 70 seconds on average, with a guaranteed 15 minutes maximum - even if your building burns to the ground.  Our proprietary technology and cloud  services allows us make the guarantee to our clients.  Call or email for a FREE demo. 

Virtual Tech - Automated Maintenance and Repair

Paradign Shift In Computer Repair

Instead of relying on a Human Tech 100% of the time, you will rely on our Virtual Tech (automation) 97% of the time, and a Human Tech a mere 3% of the time. A huge cost saving over the manual labor a Human Tech provides, the suprised downtimes, the slow PCs as time goes by and the constant irritations caused by unresolved issues.


How Does A Virtual Tech Work?

We install a small app on your PC.  After the install, the app contacts its "Virtual Garage" and downloads and impliments the appropriate monitors for your PC.  The Virtual Tech has 7,935 monitors to choose from - typiclly implimenting 300-700 monitors per PC.  The monitors are analyzed either every 15 minutes, hourly, every 4 hours, or daily - taking a split second to analyze.  If an issue is discovered, the Virtual Tech automtically contacts the Virtual Garage and selectes the apporpiate repair app to run from more than 3,000 available.  Generally, the issue is resolved before the PC user realizes an issue is developing.  This PRO-ACTIVE support by the Virtual Tech works 97% of the time. Only 3% of the time will a RE-ACTIVE (Human Tech) be required to reslove the issue.

MANAGED - Anti-Virus Plus Other Security Features

Get More Than Just Anti-Virus Protection

Our anti-virus service includes a host of security features, such as anti-spam for Outlook, password vault  - lock your passwords in your vault and log in to sites with 1 click, wi-fi inspector - know who is using your netowrk, sandbox  - safely run suspicious apps, VPN  - surf the internet safely while using public wi-fi, stop webcam spying - prevent peeping Toms from watching, firewall - stop hackers, web shield - avoid fake sites, behaviour shield, ...


We've have been protecting data since 1999  - the year when we first started offering cloud backup services. We now offer 70 second disaster recovery service.