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Data Protection Like No Other Since 1999


The year is 1999, Feburary 1, 1999 to be exact.  That is the day we went live offering cloud backup services for small to medium size businesses across the U.S. using our PATENTED underground data vault, in Lewiston, ID. At the time there were 12 cloud backup providers in the U.S.  Out of those 12, there are 3 left in business, including Subterranean Data Services.

Around 2003 we started offerign cloud backup using our above ground data center. We now have 4 above ground data centers located in 4 states. Our main data center is in TX. 

Although we had clients in the LewisCalrk Valley using our cloud backup services from day 1, the majority of clients at the time were from Eastern U.S.  Today the mojority of our clients are from the LewisClark Valley,.

Every year since 1999, we have maintained a 98.5% client retention rate. How? Support above expectations and never ever has a client of our experienced a failed data restore.  Yep, our technology and our staff are that good.  So at crash time, at ransomware time, or any time our client's data is at risk, or "missing", they KNOW we can restore their data.   That is the kind of data protection that creates piece of mind.